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2013 Music


All songs are posted by permission of the artists for personal use only. All other rights are retained by the artists.


Artists are in order of appearance, song numbers are in the order that the song was played.


The process and statuses are mixing, then mastering and review, out for artist approval and finally they are posted here..


Beth DeSombre - web site

1) I Was Here

4) Pan-Religious Bluegrass Band

7) Dandelion Wine


Shawn Taylor - web site

2) Home

5) Time for Us

8) Waiting


Timmy Riordan - web site

3) Where the Answers Are

6) Tes Song (When I Was Young)

9) Damm Okie


Miles to Dayton - web site

10) Say It Now

11) Broken Bones

12) Tree After Tree - not posted per artist request

13) The Answer


Roosevelt Dime - web site

14) The Digging Song - remixed

15) Wishing Well - not posted per artist request

16) Temperance Song - not posted per artist request

17) Roosevelt Dime


Connor Garvey - web site

18) Real Old

21) Backup Plan

24) Soul On The Line - with Freebo and Annie Wenz


Annie Wenz - web site

19) Bert's Bar Ball

22) Life In Harlan

25) Hallelujah Rose


Freebo - web site

20) She Loves My Dog More Than Me

23) Something to Believe

26) Standing Ovation - and yes Freebo did get a Standing Ovation at the end of this song


Honor Finnegan - web site

27) Fortune Cookie

30) Internet Junkie


Gathering Time - web site

28) View From The Side of The Road

31) There But For Fortune


The Ya Yas - web site

29) Missing You

32) All These Gifts


Darlingside - web site

33) Ancester

34) God of Loss - not posted per artist request

35) 1979

36) Blow The House Down


Goodnight Moonshine - web site

37) Gasoline - awaiting artist approval

40) Willow Tree - awaiting artist approval


Putnam Smith - web site

38) PutnamS 01 - missing due to technical issues

41) Cast Iron Pan - with Sorcha


ilyAIMY - web site

39) Oracle - awaiting artist approval

42) Slight Departure - awaiting artist approval


Spuyten Duyvil - web site

43) SpuytenD01 - awaiting artist approval

44) SpuytenD02 - awaiting artist approval

45) SpuytenD03 - awaiting artist approval

46) SpuytenD04 - with Bob Town, Annie Wenz and Dan Carp - awaiting artist approval


Tall Heights - web site

47) TallH01 - ready to send for approval

50) TallH02 - ready to send for approval


Vance Gilbert - web site

48) VanceG01 - with Eric Lee - ready to send for approval

51) VanceG02 - ready to send for approval


Pesky J Nixon - web site

49) Talk About Heaven - with Tall Heights, Heather Aubrey Lloyd and Eric Lee

52) Lord Have Mercy - with Tall Heights, Heather Aubrey Lloyd and Eric Lee


Red Molly - web site

53) Happier Now

54) Beaumont Rest Stop - with Roosevelt Dime and Criag Aken

55) Lay Down Your Burden - with Craig Aken

56) Can't Let Go- with Craig Aken and Pesky J Nixon


Grand Finale

57) Lawn Mower Repair - Putnam Smith with Freebo, Red Molly, Freebo and Pesky J Nixon

58) Angel of Montgomery - Freebo with Putnam Smith, Red Molly and Pesky J Nixon

59) The Last Call - Persky J Nixon with Putnam Smith, Freebo and Red Molly

60) Who Will Love You - Persky J Nixon with Putnam Smith, Freebo and Red Molly



Many more to come so check back often.




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