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2014 Music


All songs are posted by permission of the artists for personal use only. All other rights are retained by the artists.


Artists are in order of appearance, song numbers are in the order that the song was played.


Scott Wolfson and Other Hereos - web site

1) You Can't Break Me Again

2) The Backseat and Me

3) Brooklyn Mermaids

4) The Mountain (By Dave Carter)

5) Nevr Going Back Again

6) Nothing To It


Ryan Taylor Band - web site

7) After the Flood

10) Far Cry From The Roses

13) Dragging Me Down


Dave Dersham - web site

8) All About the Outfit - not posted by artist request

11) My Days are Numbered

14) Afraid of the Sky


Hugh O'Dorherty

9) Two Sides to Every Story

12) Let Me Know

15) A Way With Women - not posted by artist request


Tumbling Bones - web site

16) Money is for Spending

17) Rocky Road to Dublin

18) How They're Rolling

19) Trouble

20) Single Girl, Married Girl


Lords of Liechenstein - web site

21) Marie

24) Last to Die


Connor Garvy - web site

22) Willow - remixed

25) Irish Song - remixed


Robinson & Rohe - web site

23) Lulabye

26) Hunger - not posted due to technical difficulties


Darlingside - web site

27) Whippoorwill

28) The woods

29) My Love

30) Open Door


Caitlin Canty - web site

31) Caitlin Canty 01 - not posted by artist request

34) Caitlin Canty 02 - not posted by artist request

37) Caitlin Canty 03 - not posted by artist request


Hayley Reardon - web site

32) Holes in Your Pocket

35) Tornado in a Tea Pot

38) Numb and Blue


RJ Cowdery - web site

33) Broken Wheel

36) Far Away

39) Is There Time


Spuyten Duyvil - web site

40) Rain and Snow

41) I Don't Trust You

42) One Fine Day

43) Poor Poor Pitiful Me


Cheryl Wheeler - web site

44) Its The Phone

47) Ghandhi Buddha

50) Pop Tarts and Spam


Heather Aubrey Lloyd - web site

45) Silent Little Bells

48) We Must Be Ships

51) Love a Girl Gone So Long


John Gorka - web site

46) Blue Chalk - sent to artist for approval

49) I Know - sent to artist for approval

52) How Legends Are Made - sent to artist for approval


Pesky J Nixon - web site

53) Breath In Autumn

54) Lord Have Mercy

55) Who Will Love You


Brother Sun - web site

56) What Must Be Done - sent to artist for approval

57) Come With Me - sent to artist for approval

58) These Hands - sent to artists for approval

59) Red Haired Boy/Lady of the Harbour - sent to artist for approval

60) Everybody's Cryin' Mercy - sent to artist for approval

61) In the Name of Love - sent to artist for approval



Song Status is as noted, check back often, this is updating frequently


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